Grains 2 Preservation Society DVD
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    Grains 2 Preservation Society DVD

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Kevin DelGrosso is back with the second installment of his awesome "Grains" project, shedding light on the underground ripping going on in the midwest. We love getting a glimpse into little-seen skate scenes from around the world and it's often forgotten that there is a whole lot of rad skating happening right in the middle of the US that the skate media has ignored. Kevin killed it with the first Grains project and he's back with a rad new cast of talent including Max Tellefson, Bill Wiora, Chris Barth, Riley Vaughn and many more. Kevin does a great job of capturing the texture and feeling of midwestern culture as a backdrop for the personalities in his project. And for a mere $10 this rad new project is a steal! So pick up a copy today!


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