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Tails Of....

Issue #1

Visual Shapers

Curated by Rich Jacobs


What is Tails Of…

Half art zine and half skate mag. The content aims to be universal and timeless. Each issue of Tails Of… will be curated by an artist or photographer. This issue is curated by Rich Jacobs and the theme is ‘Visual Shapers.’ Next issue, I don’t know who’ll be running the show. This might make each issue feel very different, but this is all part of the plan. Skateboarders come with a wide array of ideas, styles, and influences. The goal is to showcase these diverse vantage points.

A few words from Rich Jacobs

Just wanted to let you in on the purpose of this real quick. The idea is quite simple–the art and aesthetics of skateboarding and its culture is rich and has a deep interesting history. There are books on skate graphics and stickers as well as the art aspect, but there is more to it.

We have a lot of amazing photographers that have kindly documented and shown us what we looked like while skating through the decades. It is a blessing that this rich archive of material exists and it is all historically significant. It captures the essence of skaters. Their attitude creates the true aesthetic or visual vibe of it all. Don’t believe me? Look at a photo of Duane Peters, GSD, Alva, his whole team, or any of the Dogtown skaters.

There are so many that have contributed to the history, but here are some of my personal favorites that have opened it up for everyone else.

Skateboarder Magazine, Action Now, Thrasher, PowerEdge, TransWorld Slap, Strength, HomeBoy, Warp, Skateboarding, The Skateboard Mag, Rad, Sugar, Skateboard Book, Concussion, 54, all the newer European ones, and ones I’m forgetting as I write this late into the night.

There’s also the real history from the skaters themselves, in self-published xerox skate zines. There is fashion, but I just think of that as a function of style. That matters more. Having your own style is still the best kind. Pioneers and those who pushed things a bit harder are honored here. Big ups to Craig Stecyk for laying down the foundation of a vision. We all benefit from good design. Thanks for reading Thanks for reading Tails Of… number one. We are just getting started. Go easy.

Rich Jacobs

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